Dr. Adler Weber

Adler Weber was born in Cologne in January 1927. His Childhood was mostly normal for a child of his time. When he was old enough he knew that he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become a doctor, he emediently started training and graduated as a Doctor of Medicine. He worked in a Cologne Hospital for some years before he became interested in the world of politics. He never thought that he would actually leave medicine but he made up his mind and became a "part time" politician, as he was working up the ranks he still helped out at his hospital as much as possible until he could do that no longer as he became a high ranking politician. On May 1992 Dr. Adler Weber became the proud leader of the Rhenish Republic.

Political Views

His Party is Zentrum (Christian Democrats, center-right, conservatives) On major conflic issues he tries to be as netural as possible and on the large issue of the GDR he wants to remain strictly netural with no conflict as in his view it would only cause a needless loss of life.

((Just a very short rough background to the character, might add more later))