Adrien Was Born In Montreal, Québec in 1951(40) to Aimée Ferron and Christian Ferron, Adrien was named after his grandfather who died in the Second World War. He grew up just as you would think an average child would, he decided to become a vegetarian when he was 16 and does not drink either. He moved to Paris when he was 20 for 10 years, there he worked as a cook, he returned to Québec when he was 30 and decided that he wanted to give something back to Québec. He joined Labour as soon as he returned and gradually worked his way up the ranks, eventually he became Prime Minister, something he is honoured to have


Now he is doing his best for Québec, he dosen't has a wife but has a Scottie Dog called Tosh. Adrien has a special intrest in Foreign Affairs, he want's to make Québec's voice heard. Sadly his father died of a heart attack 1 month before he became Pm, he still see's his mother regulary.