African Freedom Federation


AFF copy
Anthem: "Freedom"
Capital: Freetown
Official Language: Arabic, French, English
Demonym: African
Government: Presidential Republic
Leader: Amadou Dramé
Formation: Federation- 1978
Area: 2,821,337 km2
Population: 47,314,193 (Jan 1990)
GDP: $457.22 (Jan 1990)
Currency: Freedom Dollar
Timezone: GMT(UTC)


The area that now is the AFF has been occupied by peoples of all ethnicities since nearly the dawn of time. Berbers, Mandé people, Arabs, Bafours, and many more have occupied the area and changed from their nomadic ways to create the Ghana Empire, the Mali Empire, and the Songhai Empire. Timbuktu was a key city in these empires as an outpost for trans-Saharan trade and a center for scholarship.

In the 1800's the area was invaded by France and became a colonial possession. French West Africa mostly encompasses what is now the AFF. In the 1900's many of the nations that now form the federation banded together to gain independence from France. Some belonged to the French community after independence with most withdrawing after only a short time. Even with the great withdrawal, many native Africans retained their French names and their French heritage.


The Government of the African Freedom Federation is made up of a unicameral legislature with the Assembley of African Freedom (AAF) playing the part of the elected body. The AAF is a 89-seat legislative body presided over by a Prime Minister (the leader of the legislation).

The executive branch is made up of the President and her cabinet. Currently, the President is Francoise Bienveau.

Judicially, the AFF has a Supreme Court and each province has their respective court. These courts rule based on the laws of the AAF and the President's executive.








Amadou Dramé (1990-1990)

Francoise Bienveau (1990-1993)

Omar Zuwadza (1993-)

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