Domestics Reports are stories, statistics, and events that are created by a Leader. Each player must write several domestics every week to tell their nation "what is up" or to announce legislation, policy, or events.


What is a Domestics News Report?
Domestics Reports are stories, statistics, and events that are created by a player.

What effect does a Domestics Report have on me or my nation?
Domestic reports are the way you communicate to your populace what your doing, and how you announce actions. Anything that you don't tell them might as well be keeping it secret from them. As such, domestic reports have lots of impact on you and your nation. They are used by the mods to determine your support rankings for the weeks, as well as let them know if you've actually been responsive to world events. It is the most public, as well as personal, way of alerting, communicating, and taking an active part in your nation.

Who can see my domestics reports?
Everyone. Seriously, it is a public new report, so other nations who may be "watching you" are going to be listening in to see if there are any problems, discrepancies, or even blatant human right's violations. For example, if you announce a "Nationalist-Race Day" and your neighbor happen to be part of race that your people are "not being nice to" then they'll see it, and they'll react. In a way, domestic reports allow you to communicate with foreign leaders as well. Remember Reagan's "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!!!" ?

Are Domestic News Reports biased?
It depends on if you want them to be. They do after all effect your support ratings and shape your national and international image. You could make yourself look like a beautiful idealists who works like a realists, or you could be a dirty and rotten despot. You could rule by love or you could incite fear into your people. Bias in your news allows you to do this, so its up to you.

Are Domestic Reports always right?
Again, it is up to you. You could lie to your people. Many have done it before and many will do it again. You could point the blame to other nations or to terrorists. On the other hand, you can take credit for things that you shouldn't. But be weary, if you get caught you'll probably lose a lot of your support!

Can I ask for a Domestics Report to be written about my nation?
Do it yourself! You can't ask anybody else to do it for you!

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