Smallwikipedialogo.png This page is designed to give a small amount of background information about the country as it stands in the game.

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Country Name

Common Name (Can be found on Wikipedia)

Anthem: Anthem
Capital: Capital
Official Language: Language
Demonym: Denonym
Government: Government Type
Leader: Leader name
Formation: Formation Date
Area: Area (no need to add units) km2
Population: Population (Jan 1990)
GDP: GDP (find this in your budget) (Jan 1990)
Currency: Currency
Timezone: Timezone

Brief Description - No more than 5 lines to summarise your country.

Geography and Climate

At least 5 lines to summarise Geography and Climate


At least 5 lines to summarise History. Note - For twist rounds this section may differ greatly from actual history, making this section one of the most important


Must include government type.


You may write a description of your leader here.

Leader Method of Departure
Leader NameIncumbent.
Former LeaderMethod by which they left office


At least 5 lines to summarise your economy, imports, exports etc.


A brief description of key demographic groups in your nation


At least 5 lines to summarise your culture

Diplomatic Information

Defense Pacts Trade Treaties Member of
Country A (mutual)

Country B (optional)

None Organisation A

Organisation B (Observer)

At War With Disputed Territories No Relations
None None Country A

Country B(Not Recognised)