King Odysseus.

At the age of just 19 King Odysseus is the youngest king to sit on the Greek throne since the reformations of King Dilios. However, for a job with a life expectancey of just 44, some would say this is more of a blessing then a curse.

King Odysseus' life has been not especially remarcable up until this point. As all Greek Citizens are obliged to do, Odysseus attended the Agoge from the age of seven to the age of eighteen. Described by several teachers as brash and unrefined but honourable and strong, he was deemed a perfect prince of Sparta. Scoring above average (above the average Spartan that is) in martial arts riflery, History and Swordsmanship Odysseus looked to have a promising career in the military. After finisheing his education, Odysseus opted to serve in the Greek Armoured Cavalry for a year, which is tradition from Dilios' time, before transfering to the Greek Air Force. It was shortly after finishing his fighter pilots course that King Theseus was killed on a training excersise and Prince Odysseus was suddenly thrust into the limelight.

Yet to be officially Corronated King, Odysseus has allready made a splash internationally appealing to some leaders, while holding no punches against policies he was against.

In future policy the new King has hinted minor constitutional reforms, the possibility of a Jewish Auxillary regiment and a continuance to fight for the rights of the Greek people.

The King got off to a smooth start making several political and economic reforms which kept him as one of the most popular leaders for several years. When South Africa destroyed the APJ, King Odysseus, seeing an opertunity landed in the Sinai and killed President Ali in single combat. Ali's troops withdrew from the Sinai and the APJ collapsed..

Odysseus builds a client state in the Sinai called the Sinaic Client Republic which is run by the Bedouine tribes. Later in the year South Africa invades Nosy Be, a Greek Island in Africa. King Odysseus headed the first fleet to sail for South Africa whereby he was blown up in a sea battle with South African forces. He was rescued by another ship and flown back to Greece in critical condition. Odysseus's cousin Helen was then killed by a nuclear strike from South Africa.

Realising the South Africa war was lost, and the Greek people will not accept defeat, King Odysseus invades Turkey. Things go well and a kill ration of 3:1 in favour of Greece is acheived. Hundreds of kilometers of Turkish land are captured.