Military Industries are no longer player controlled. The Qpawn Arms Dealership has three major suppliers. They each represent one of three leading nations in the field of weapons manufacture. Full stock lists and prices are available below. For unit capabilities please check the FAQ


Ground Units

Unit NameUnit TypeEraAttack ValueCarrying CapacityCost
Infantry Infantry 2$0.0003
Marines Marines 5$0.00059
Paratroops Paratroops 6$0.0007
Special Forces Special Forces 8$0.00089
Centurion Mk II MBT ECW11 $0.012
Chieftain MBT LCW29 $0.031
Challenger Mk I MBT Modern44$0.047
Ferret Scout Car IFV ECW3 7$0.0014
FV 721 Fox IFV LCW6 9$0.0026
Warrior IFV Modern108$0.0036
FV433 Abbot Mk I Artillery ECW40 $0.0005
FV433 Abbot Mk II Artillery LCW97 $0.0011
AS-90 Artillery Modern215$0.0025
Bristol Bloodhound SAM launchers ECW155 $0.015
Rapier SAM launchers LCW260 $0.026
Starburst VML SAM launchers Modern465$0.047

Naval Units

Unit NameUnit TypeEraAttack ValueCarrying CapacityCost
Type 81 Frigate ECW265 $1.45
Type 21 Frigate LCW575 $2.4
Type 23 Frigate Modern925$3.96
Daring (1952) Destroyer ECW925 $3.52
County Destroyer LCW1275 $5.06
Type 42 Destroyer Modern1750$7.08
Centaur Carrier LCW0 33$7.7
Invincible Carrier Modern045$11.5
Helios Battleship ECW2850 $13.86
Jellicoe Battleship LCW3150 16$15.18
Atlas Battleship Modern365022$17.28
Porpoise SS (Diesel Electric) ECW360 $1.43
Oberon SS (Diesel Electric) LCW515 $2.09
Upholder SS (Diesel Electric) Modern650$2.64
Churchill SSN (Fast Attack) ECW400 $1.62
Swiftsure SSN (Fast Attack) LCW640 $2.52
Trafalgar SSN (Fast Attack) Modern700$2.78
Resolution SSBN (Ballistic Missile Sub) LCW220 14$1.76
Vanguard SSBN (Ballistic Missile Sub) Modern44018$2.27

Aerial Units

Unit NameUnit TypeEraAttack ValueCostCombat RangeFerry Range
EE Lightning Fighter ECW105$0.03513002500
Harrier Fighter LCW135$0.0445503250
Tornado Fighter Modern241$0.07714003890
EE Canberra Bomber ECW960$0.112350 5450
Avro Vulcan Bomber LCW1610$0.184800 9600
Jaguar Bomber Modern2850$0.311300 5450
Gazelle Helicopter ECW17$0.0079350 650
Lynx Helicopter LCW29$0.013550 1000
EE Canberra PR9 Spyplanes ECW0.65$0.099 5450
Nimrod R1 Spyplanes LCW0.7$0.36 9000
Tornado GR4 Spyplanes Modern0.75$0.66 3890
Zircon SpySats Modern0.85$6.31

Other Units

Unit NameUnit TypeEraAttack ValueCarrying CapacityCostRange
Blackburn Beverley Aerial ECW0 26$0.0651800
Hawker Andover Aerial LCW0 34$0.163700
Chinook HC2 Aerial Modern042$0.223000
Colossus Naval ECW0 330$0.61
Centaur Naval LCW0 374$0.75
Fearless Naval Modern0440$0.92
Saracen APC ECW0 10$0.0012
Humber Pig APC LCW0 14$0.0017
Saxon APC Modern018$0.0028
Barmine Anti Tank 36 $0.000051
HB876 Anti Personnel 9 $0.000011
Type VII Sea 248 $0.0022


Ground Units

Unit NameUnit TypeEraAttack ValueCarrying CapacityCost
Infantry Infantry 2$0.0003
Marines Marines 5$0.00059
Paratroops Paratroops 6$0.0007
Special Forces Special Forces 8$0.00089
M48 MBT ECW15 $0.016
M60 MBT LCW34 $0.036
M1A1 MBT Modern49$0.052
XM706 IFV ECW3 8$0.0013
M998 HMMWV IFV LCW7 10$0.003
M2A2 Bradley IFV Modern119$0.0038
M110 Artillery ECW45 $0.00055
M109A4 Artillery LCW109 $0.0013
M270 MRLS Artillery Modern240$0.0028
M42 Anti-Air Cannon ECW62 $0.0075
M163 VADS Anti-Air Cannon LCW85 $0.01
MIM-72 Chaparral SAM launchers ECW169 $0.017
MIM-23 Hawk SAM launchers LCW285 $0.029
MIM-104 Patriot SAM launchers Modern520$0.052

Naval Units

Unit NameUnit TypeEraAttack ValueCarrying CapacityCost
Knox Frigate ECW300 $1.6
Brooke Frigate LCW650 $2.66
Oliver Hazard Perry Frigate Modern1050$4.36
Charles F Adams Destroyer ECW1030 $3.98
Spruance Destroyer LCW1420 $5.69
Kidd Destroyer Modern2000$7.92
Belknap Cruiser ECW1670 $6.46
Virginia Cruiser LCW2000 $7.65
Ticonderoga Cruiser Modern2400$9.02
Forrestal Carrier ECW0 36$8.47
Kitty Hawk Carrier LCW0 49$12.65
Nimitz Carrier Modern064$16.2
South Carolina Battleship ECW3100 $14.96
Iowa Battleship LCW3700 22$17.39
Kansas Battleship Modern450026$21.24
Tang SS (Diesel Electric) ECW420 $1.64
Skipjack SSN (Fast Attack) ECW430 $1.73
Permit SSN (Fast Attack) LCW650 $2.54
Los Angeles SSN (Fast Attack) Modern750$2.95
George Washington SSBN (Ballistic Missile Sub) ECW0 5$1.32
Benjamin Franklin SSBN (Ballistic Missile Sub) LCW240 16$1.96
Ohio SSBN (Ballistic Missile Sub) Modern46020$2.52

Aerial Units

Unit NameUnit TypeEraAttack ValueCostCombat RangeFerry Range
F-4 Phantom II Fighter ECW119$0.047002600
F-14 Tomcat Fighter LCW150$0.0489003000
F-18 Hornet Fighter Modern266$0.0845503300
B-52 Stratofortress Bomber ECW1070$0.127200 16200
F-111 Aardvark Bomber LCW1830$0.212150 5200
B-1 Lancer Bomber Modern3200$0.355550 12000
UH-1H Iroquois Helicopter ECW20$0.009500 1750
AH-1 Cobra Helicopter LCW32$0.014600 1950
AH-64 Apache Helicopter Modern49$0.022500 1900
Lockheed U-2 Spyplanes ECW0.7$0.11 10300
SR-71 Blackbird Spyplanes LCW0.75$0.39 5900
Aurora Spyplanes Modern0.8$0.73 9300
AQM-91 Firefly UAVs ECW0.65$0.0066 7050
YQM-98A UAVs LCW0.7$0.0086 14000
RQ-2 Pioneer UAVs Modern0.75$0.011 1800
KH-9 SpySats ECW0.7$3.27
KH-11 SpySats LCW0.8$3.62
KH-12 SpySats Modern0.9$6.48

Other Units

Unit NameUnit TypeEraAttack ValueCarrying CapacityCostRange
C-130 Hercules Aerial ECW 29$0.0733800
C-5 Galaxy Aerial LCW 37$0.184450
C-17 Globemaster III Aerial Modern46$0.244500
Raleigh Naval ECW 360$0.67
Austin Naval LCW 400$0.83
Whidby Island Naval Modern480$1.02
M59 APC ECW 12$0.0013
M113 APC LCW 16$0.002
AAVP-7A1 APC Modern20$0.003
M75 Anti Tank 40 $0.000056
M74 Anti Personnel 10 $0.000012
MK56 Sea 275 $0.0024


Ground Units

Unit NameUnit TypeEraAttack ValueCarrying CapacityCost
Conscripts Conscripts 1$0.00018
Infantry Infantry 2$0.0003
Marines Marines 5$0.00059
Special Forces Special Forces 8$0.00089
T-54 MBT ECW9 $0.011
T-72 MBT LCW25 $0.028
T-90 MBT Modern38$0.041
BMP-1 IFV ECW2 6$0.00097
BMP-2 IFV LCW5 8$0.0023
BMP-3 IFV Modern87$0.003
2S1 Gvodzika Artillery ECW35 $0.00044
2S5 Giatsint Artillery LCW85 $0.001
2S19 MSTA-S Artillery Modern180$0.0022
ZSU-57-2 Anti-Air Cannon ECW48 $0.006
ZSU-23-4 Anti-Air Cannon LCW65 $0.0083
Tunguska-M1 Anti-Air Cannon Modern95$0.012
SA-6 SAM launchers ECW130 $0.013
SA-11 SAM launchers LCW220 $0.023
SA-15 SAM launchers Modern400$0.041

Naval Units

Unit NameUnit TypeEraAttack ValueCarrying CapacityCost
Krivak I Frigate ECW320 $1.78
Krivak II Frigate LCW500 $2.13
Neutrashimy Frigate Modern800$3.48
Kashin Destroyer ECW800 $2.96
Kara Destroyer LCW1100 $4.32
Udaloy Destroyer Modern1500$6.1
Sverdlov Cruiser ECW1300 $4.94
Kresta II Cruiser LCW1550 $5.89
Slava Cruiser Modern1850$6.98
Kiev Carrier LCW200 30$10.12
Admiral Kuznetsov Carrier Modern50041$12.96
Ushakov Battleship ECW2400 $11.97
Kirov Battleship LCW2800 14$13.9
Smirnov Battleship Modern350018$16.99
Foxtrot SS (Diesel Electric) ECW320 $1.28
Tango SS (Diesel Electric) LCW480 $1.97
Kilo SS (Diesel Electric) Modern575$2.35
November SSN (Fast Attack) ECW345 $1.41
Victor III SSN (Fast Attack) LCW565 $2.25
Akula SSN (Fast Attack) Modern660$2.66
Hotel SSBN (Ballistic Missile Sub) ECW0 3$1.06
Yankee II SSBN (Ballistic Missile Sub) LCW200 12$1.56
Delta IV SSBN (Ballistic Missile Sub) Modern40016$1.99

Aerial Units

Unit NameUnit TypeEraAttack ValueCostCombat RangeFerry Range
MiG-21 Fighter ECW90$0.0318502200
MiG-23 Fighter LCW120$0.03911502800
MiG-29 Fighter Modern210$0.0677002900
Tu-4 Bomber ECW850$0.0973600 6200
Tu-16 Bomber LCW1400$0.164850 5800
Tu-22M Bomber Modern2500$0.282400 7000
Mi-2URP Helicopter ECW15$0.0073340 790
Mi-8TVK Helicopter LCW24$0.011450 950
Mi-24D Helicopter Modern37$0.017450 950
Yak-28R Spyplanes ECW0.6$0.0881950 2650
Tu-16R Spyplanes LCW0.65$0.314850 5800
Tu-22R Spyplanes Modern0.7$0.592410 7000
Tu-141 UAVs LCW0.6$0.0069 1000
Tu-143 UAVs Modern0.65$0.0091 2000
Zenit-2M SpySats ECW0.6$3.06
Zenit-6U SpySats LCW0.7$4.51
Zenit-8 SpySats Modern0.8$6.14

Other Units

Unit NameUnit TypeEraAttack ValueCarrying CapacityCostRange
AN-22 Aerial ECW 24$0.0585000
IL-76 Aerial LCW 31$0.153650
AN-124 Aerial Modern38$0.194500
Alligator Naval ECW 300$0.54
Ivan Rogov Naval LCW 340$0.67
Pomornik Naval Modern400$0.82
BTR-40 APC ECW 8$0.0011
BTR-60 APC LCW 12$0.0016
BTR-70 APC Modern16$0.0024
TM-72 Anti Tank 32 $0.000045
PMN Anti Personnel 8 $0.0000099
PMK-2 Sea 220 $0.002



Biological Warheads

NameManufacturerYield (KT) Cost per unit
Pneumonic PlagueBAEDecided by Moderator$0.96
AnthraxLockheedDecided by Moderator$1.20
Marburg URosoboronexportDecided by Moderator$0.90

Chemical Warheads

NameManufacturerYield (KT) Cost per unit
SarinBAEDecided by Moderator$1.38
VXLockheedDecided by Moderator$1.5
NovichokRosoboronexportDecided by Moderator$1.2

Nuclear Warheads

NameManufacturerYield (KT) Cost per unit


Tactical Ballistic Missiles

Cannot be equipped with Nuclear Warheads.

NameManufacturerConventional Yield (KT)RangeCost per unit
Blue WaterBAE0.5325$0.06
MGM-140 ATACMSLockheed0.6300$0.07

Cruise Missiles

NameManufacturerConventional Yield (KT) RangeCost per unit
Storm ShadowBAE13000$0.5
Kh-55 GranatRosoboronexport1.753500$0.45

Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles

Cannot be equipped with Biological or Chemical Warheads.

NameManufacturerConventional Yield (KT) Maximum Yield (KT)RangeCost per unit
Topol MRosoboronexport459008500$0.8

Stealth Planes

NameManufacturerAttack ValueCombat Range (Km)Ferry Range (Km)Cost per unit
F-117 NighthawkLockheed48016004000$0.16
MiG 1.44Rosoboronexport35020004000$0.12



NameManufacturerEraReliabilityCost per unit

Anti-Satellite Weaponry

NameManufacturerChance of SuccessCost per unitNotes
Black ArrowBAE60%$4.25Modified ICBM. Orbits once before closing on Target. Requires ICBM technology.
ASM-135 ASATLockheed50%$3.25Launched by Fighter Jet. Chance of losing plane as well as missile. Requires Cruise Missile.
Zenit-6 ISRosoboronexport70%$5.25Killer Satellite. Infinite orbits before closing to target. Requires Satellites.