History of Padania Edit

The irreversible breakdown of the Italian Republic started on June 2nd 1946. A popular election was held in the wealthy north of the country in which a majority (over 70%) of the population of all of the northern regions, with the exception of Tuscany, supported secession from the rest of Italy and the Padanian Republic was eventually born on 14th February 1948.

Padania is the economic and military powerhouse of the Italian peninsula. It has traditionally strong relations with the United States, Germany, Iberia, Japan and Argentina and good relations with its immediate neighbours, Sardinia and the Papal States. Relations with the DPRI are extremely strained.

Politics of Padania Edit

Padania's main political parties are; the Padanian Republican Party (social conservative - leader of the coalition), Padanian Values Party (populist, right-wing, coalition member) Tricolor Flame (hardline neo-fascist), Padanian Democratic Party, (centre-left - only major left-wing party in Padania, official opposition.

The country is led by a democratially elected President who is both head of state and government. Elections are held every 4 years and the country has traditionally elected right-wing parties. The PRP (and its splinter party, the PVP) has been in power for over 20 years. The leftist PDP receives 20-30% in elections, with the fascist TF gaining 9% in the previous elections - its highest result ever.

Aldo Donati of the Padanian Republican Party is the current President of Padania.