QNN Reports are stories, statistics, and events that are created by a Moderator. Each moderator must create a specific amount of reports every week to be known as an "active" mod.


What is a QNN News Report?
QNN Reports are stories, statistics, and events that are created by a moderator.

What effect does a QNN Report have on me or my nation?
None, or a lot, because it depends. If the news report is written by your particular regional moderator, then you should pay attention. The events in your region may spill over into your own. The news report may be about your nation as well, and you should heed this. Ignoring a news report may cause your people to get mad at you and you'll lose their support... or your own people could even die, in which you will lose even more support. Neither of these things are good.

Are QNN News Reports biased?
No, unless they specifically say so. Sometimes a moderator's opinion may bleed through, but generally that opinion is sincere and will later cause problems for the nation they are writing about.

Are QNN Reports always right?
Generally? Yes. They have the truest and most public in formation available. Unlike Intelligence Reports they have the the backing of an unbiased team of Moderators. However, though they are perfect, they must be taken with a grain of salt. What looks like an alien attack could be a planned attack from the nearby super power, or what looks like a man-made hurricane could really just be a sloppy tropical storm. Think about them!

Can I ask for a QNN Report to be written about my nation?
Can you? Yes. Will the mods? Maybe.

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