Thomas Viking (1943-?) is the current Prime Minister Of Norway, and represents the Labour party in the Stortigent.

Early Life

Due to the German Occupation of Norway (1940-1945), Thomas's parents, Arne and Ola Viking, escaped to London, England where he was born on the 19th of March 1943. Thomas was an only child, and spent the first seven years of his life living in the UK. On th 16th of June 1953, the family emigrated back to Norway, where they have stayed since. Thomas joined the Labour party in 1964, much to the dismay of his Conservative parents. In 1967, he graduated the University of Oslo, having studying Medicine and spent the next 12 years as a doctor in a leading hospital in Fredikstad.

Political Career

In 1979, Thomas began actively looking for a place in polictics, and managed to become elected councilor of Fredikstad after a landslide victory. He worked his way up to a seat in the Stortigent, and when the Labour party was elected to power in 1981, he was appointed Minister of Foreign Relations by the then Prime Minister, Gro Brundtland. On May 11 1990, after Brundtland suprise resignation, Viking was touted as a potential candidate for new leader. In a closely-contented election, Viking won with a 2% gap, and became Prime Minister Of Norway in July 1990.