Umaru Yar'adua was born January the 4th 1928. His mother died during labour and Umaru only just survived. He had a very traumatic childhood. He was orphaned out to a black family in Liberia, being white himself he was constantly teased at school for being "diffrent". It was his adoptive parents that gave him his name, which he keeps today as a reminder of the horrible abuse his guardians put him through. He was constantly beaten and forced to do mindless hard labour whilst his "parents" lived a fairly comfortable lifestyle.It was this childhood that shaped the man he is today, and his mistrust for black people.

After worldwar 2, when the nazi's came to Liberia, Umaru finaly relised where he belonged. He joined their rebelion against the leaders of Liberia. He quickly caught the eyes of the higher leaders and started to climb the ranks. People started respecting him more and more with his powerful knowledge of the country and its people and his nazisitic views. He even appeared to have the characteristics of the Arian race, Blonde hair, blue eyes and he was incredibly athletic. He was destined to become the leader of the Nazi rebelion in Liberia.

In 1985 Umaru finaly gained control of the nazi party and thus Liberia. His first act as president was to kill his adoptive parents, his last words to them before they died where "Still think I'm useless?", They where then forced against a wall then shot for treason and conspiracy to plot murder of the president.